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The Centre for a Responsible Wealth Transition (CRWT) was created in alignment with the University of Ottawa and the Telfer School of Management’s strategic plan and vision.

Our sub-clusters house and promote research and outreach activities in the area of responsible investment management, climate finance and accountability, the application of digital technologies in wealth creation and management, and the responsible risk management during turbulent times. Further, the CRWT will promote interdisciplinary research and collaboration with other University of Ottawa research centers and institutes.

The CRWT focuses on four sub-clusters that support the Telfer School of Management’s vision for a Better Canada for all. Located in the National Capital Region, the CRWT is well positioned to maintain close relations with key policymakers and regulators.

Our Vision

To become one of the leading centers for responsible wealth creation and management practices.

At the CRWT, we believe that we need to contribute to Canada’s – and the world’s – transition to a more resilient economy. Through our research, we can help policymakers and business leaders better understand the merits of responsible wealth management practices for a Better Canada.

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Our Mission

To create new insights and financial solutions that will help leaders apply responsible wealth management practices to move towards a more resilient economy.

Our top priority is to build a more comprehensive understanding of responsible wealth creation and management practices by focusing on the following four areas:

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